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Connect your favourite tools

Integrate your existing tool stack to make your awork experience seamless.


Integrate awork with your preferred communication tool to keep everyone up to date, interact with new activities and manage awork directly from your chat.

Billing tools

Transfer tracked times to your preferred billing software with a few clicks only. Save time with an automated, reliable process for your client projects.

Workflow & productivity

Connect awork to your tool stack and take your efficiency to the next level - no programming skills required, we promise. 🤞


Combine project management with your teams' calendars for a much more accurate capacity planning.

Storage & file share

Say goodbye to document chaos by connecting popular file hosting services with awork. For full control and easy overview of your project files.


With SSO technology, you can securely and quickly authenticate across all your applications and websites (available with the Enterprise plan only).


Your favourite integration is missing? 😮

If you have an integration in mind, just let us know. We'll take a look and, if it aligns with our roadmap, add it to our portfolio of integrations.