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You get an overview of the main feature areas, navigation and views in awork.

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You learn how to set up your workspace to get started right away.

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You explore the most common workflow and options to adapt awork to your process.
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awork academyawork in 5 minutes
awork academy
awork in 5 minutes

The perfect place to start learning about awork.

Get an overview of the main awork features.

awork academyTime tracking
awork academy
Time tracking

Everything you need to know about keeping track of your team's hours.

Learn how to track times and create reports with ease.

awork academyBecome a planer pro
awork academy
Become a planer pro

Advanced scheduling and resource management.

Find out how to bring your capacity planning to the next level.

Best practises

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5 planner flows for you capacity planning
Use templates to get to the next level
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