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Day by day, we make awork
a little bit better. πŸ’œ

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awork's product focus

Manage teams and work🧞smoother Yesss πŸŽ‰

Team and work planning
Transforming the way teams work with perfectly crafted workflows.
Sparking joy with seamless processes for happy team work.
Self organisation
Empowering individuals to shine within their teams.
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Current topics
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More updates:
Many small improvements for time tracking and task management
Highly requested &
coming soon:
Easier task management on the dashboard
Simplification of guest usage

A new update every 4-6 weeks 🎁

We regularly release updates for awork, filled with new features and improvements. For the release history, visit our help center.

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With passion, brain power, and an interdisciplinary team, we develop awork - fueled by lots of coffee. Our team is spread across the globe - from Rome to Rio.