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3 reasons why automatic project management can change your life

3 reasons why automatic project management can change your life
October 2021

You are probably more familiar with automation in your everyday life. For example, there are coffee machines that automatically brew your coffee at 7 a.m. Or bank transfers that are entirely made on their own, so you don't forget to pay your bills. These automatic processes in automatic project management are now so naturally integrated into everyday life that you no longer even notice that they exist.

All automation that runs in your everyday life has one thing in common: it makes your life easier. Every automation is one less thing you have to take care of yourself.Β 

Even in your professional life, some things are constantly repeated and could easily be taken over by a machine. Especially in project management, there are many recurring monotonous tasks that can keep you from doing your actual work!

1. More time for the part of your work that you enjoy the most

Automatic project management starts at the point where your time and energy could be better spent. It is mainly about automating administrative tasks that are often repetitive and, quite frankly, not fun.Β 

Imagine, for example, that you are a project manager responsible for several customer projects. To make your work worthwhile, you plan approximate time efforts on the different tasks. Of course, you don't want these scheduled hours to be constantly exceeded. In principle, you would have to continually check how many hours have already been worked on a single to-do. How annoying is that? We say, very. In this time, you could have taken care of so many other things.


Automatic project management is mainly about automating administrative tasks that are often repetitive and, quite frankly, not fun.Β 


This example is a perfect use case for automation. A smart project management tool like awork can automatically inform you every time the planned effort on a task is exceeded. This allows you to get a notification or even an email directly in the tool when too many hours have been recorded on a task. This project management software can also automatically change the status of the task. If a task enters the status allotted time exceeded, you can immediately see that something is not going according to plan.

Example: As soon as the status of a task changes to feedback, you want the task to be assigned to your colleague Julia. Additionally, you want Julia to receive a Slack message. This is just a glimpse into what automation would look like in awork:

So as long as the tool doesn't warn you, everything is smooth sailing. This makes manually checking project statuses a thing of the past. In short: this allows more time for the part of your work you enjoy the most. Automatic project management is awesome!


Automatic project management in awork.


2. Get more planning reliability: The awork autopilot intervenes when budgets, deadlines, or resources get out of hand

Automatic project management not only gives you more time for work that is important to you but by being automatically notified when things don't go as planned, you'll also have much more planning security. After all, you no longer have to rely solely on yourself but have the helping hand of a smart software at your side that reacts reliably and proactively.Β 

The autopilot in awork works exactly according to this principle. Yes, an autopilot, like in an airplane. When you activate the autopilot in awork, you can put your feet up and relax and let awork take care of the rest. When things get critical, the autopilot sounds an alarm, giving you plenty of time to react.

Good to know: This is how the autopilot works in awork

How exactly does it work? Basically, you hand over the classic project management tasks to your project management software: tracking project progress, deadlines, and budgets. The software takes over the responsibility for this part of your work and warns you immediately and automatically about tight deadlines, exhausted budgets, and outdated schedules. You can't get more planning security than that.

3. More efficient and precise systems through automatic workflows in automatic project management

That all sounds pretty good. But automated project management has another big advantage because by automating processes, you can make your workflow much more efficient overall.Β 

A prime example of this is the feedback & approval process that happens in almost every company. Often, unnecessary delays and bottlenecks occur here because the feedback loop was not properly considered during planning

This is precisely where automatic project management steps in again. This time, imagine you work in marketing and have to approve everything that is published. With smart project management software like awork, you can completely automate this review process. For example, you can specify that each task is assigned to you as soon as the status changes to feedback, and you also receive a message that you need to approve the task.

In awork, this function is so simple that anyone can easily create automatic workflows and simplify even very complicated processes in no time at all.



Conclusion: Don't work harder, work smarter – with automatic project management.

In project management, too much time is wasted on administrative tasks and recurring tasks. In the end, that doesn't leave much time for the part of your work that creates real value and, most importantly, the part you love the most. So why not use a project management tool like awork that takes the monotonous part of the work off your hands? Automatic project management frees up time for meaningful work and ensures greater planning reliability and more efficiency in your team processes.


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