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Jessica Julia Mrzik

Jessica - also called Jess by most people, except her grandmother - always knew that a creative career path awaited her. Since she developed a passion and (according to her German teacher) a talent for storytelling quite early, she eventually found her creative path. That's why she graduated in Technical Journalism/PR (B. Sc.).

After years of reporting in the consumer electronics sector, she stumbled headfirst into content marketing thanks to her never-ending curiosity - and just stayed there. Since then, all topics related to New Work have become her new comfort zone, which she welcomes every day with a hot cup of tea and a carefully selected playlist.

As a healthy relationship between work life and private life is a big focus for herself, it's exactly these topics that make her eyes and keyboard glow. Jess also wants to help others be happier at work (and therefore in life). And since organisation is half the battle, work management and organisation are the big key players for her.

Video has also become her great secret love, for which she regularly drops the pen and spends nights creating 2D animation videos. Next step: 3D! (Even if she is a little awestruck here...)

Jessica Julia Mrzik

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