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A few words from our founders

A few words from our founders
August 2021

With awork, we pursue a simple goal: to make work organization as easy as possible. That’s our driving force every. single. day. 💜

Since the awork bot stretched its antenna and received its signal in early 2019, just over 30,000 teams have created a test account, scheduled projects, organized tasks, and tracked times. Each of these teams sends us an average of one feedback, feature request, or improvement idea.

All of these ideas are scrutinized and categorized by our team. Together with our own vision of what work organization needs to look like in the future, our product concepts emerge from the pen of our co-founder Lucas.

With so many ideas, awork is developing fast, and our roadmap is far from finished. With so many creative ideas, it is sometimes easy to lose sight of the goal: Everything should remain simple.

To ensure that our users continue to enjoy awork in the future, we have to clean up, smooth out, and standardize every so often. That’s exactly what we’ve been doing over the last few months. On July 19, awork will therefore appear in new splendor. Simplified menus, more understandable templates, quick creation of tasks and times, and much more are the detailed results of our update with the code name “Unicorn”. But the most important thing is that awork as a whole becomes simpler, clearer, and more understandable – and prettier to look at too (🦄 because who doesn’t love beautiful? 😉).

To really give it a thorough go, we’ve also cleaned up all the accompanying platforms:

  • Our Help Center will be faster and more straightforward. All articles have been revised for comprehensibility, have new videos to explain them, etc.
  • We have moved our API documentation for developers to a new, more navigatable platform.
  • Our website got a facelift to be even easier to understand
  • We already renewed the status page a few weeks ago to make awork availability even more apparent
  • We have tidied up and better explained our data protection documents (order processing contract, privacy policy, etc.)

All of this would be a big step forward in and of itself. “Unicorn” is also a kind of springboard into awork’s future for us. From here, we can tackle big topics: How will resource planning work in teams between project planning and calendar in the future? How do we work even better with external partners on joint projects? What happens when many people have to work on the same task at the same time? And in how many countries can awork become available this year? We are currently formulating answers to these questions.

Enjoy awork in new splendor – we are looking forward to your feedback and the next awork chapter.

The awork team wishes you a lot of fun with the new features. 💜

About the author
Talent Acquisition Lead
The bear-strong Panda update is here, bringing one of the most frequently requested features to life: a new task level, or more precisely, real subtasks.

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