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The new awork

The new awork
December 2023

The new awork introduces many improvements that will benefit your daily routine – some of them very visible, some almost invisible, but all valuable and tangible. But don’t worry, you’ll find everything you need in your familiar workflows.

To give you a precise picture of the changes, you will find everything you need to know here.

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For the joy of work – with awork we aim to shape the present and future of work in a new and positive way. We believe that work and project management must be simple, easy to understand, and, moreover, beautiful to truly help users to become happy and successful at work.

A crucial key to achieve this is design. Design does not only translate to good looks. It rather defines how a product feels, how it responds, interacts and also communicates. This applies to awork as well.

Outstanding design can help our users to make their work with awork as simple and understandable as possible. It can also help them to transform projects into successes efficiently – all while not forgetting the fun part of it.

That’s why the recent months at awork had a very strong focus. We spared no effort and dedicated ourselves to a fundamental design update (Codename: “Monster”). The new awork is live. 💜

At the core of the update are following aspects: Consistent design, clear structure and intuitive usability. The result? Nothing less than the simplest, fastest and most beautiful way of work management.

Easter egg: As you probably expected we also prepared a special easter egg for you. Find it first and send a screenshot to [email protected] for an awesome price. Need a hint? Well, if you need help, we've heard, it sometimes hides behind a veeery smart disguise.

Check out these major benefits of the new awork:

🖼️ Consistent design


A unified design system with a clear design language leads to a significantly improved and easier understanding within awork. To achieve this, we have developed a completely new design system and applied it to the entire application. Over 100 revised components in awork will ensure a consistent appearance, following simple, clear rules. The new awork sets a new standard for consistency and design functionality.

Benefit in awork

As a user, you will experience many benefits from this (aside from awork looking even better). For example, the design will help you immediately recognize what features are available in all areas of awork and how to use them. You will always know where your navigation options are and what information is available to you. This leads to less distraction, more focus, higher efficiency, and, consequently, more fun at work.

Would you like a little example?

We examined, questioned, re-conceptualized, and implemented every single component within awork. For example, this includes all “Add buttons” that are used to add things (like projects, tasks, times, users and more). Countless optimization possibilities emerged from this process.

Before the design update, a variety of different-looking “Add buttons” could lead to distraction or even confusion at times. Therefore we unified and simplified these buttons. From now on, all buttons, that allow you to add new items to your awork workspace, are styled identically: blue and with a plus icon. This basically means less mental effort in your daily work. Even though it might seem a small change, the effect is great: The new uniform style of the buttons is subconsciously associated with it’s function to “Add things”.

As a result, awork becomes easier for you to understand, and you will be faster while using it. As a bonus, awork looks much better too – a pleasant side effect and a treat for diligent eyes.

We look forward to your feedback 💙

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🧮 Clear structure


This is all about overview. Clear structures help us to understand things in a better and faster way – at first sight, but also when using specific features of a tool. That’s why we focussed on the general structure of awork and the logic behind it. With help of priceless user feedback we were able to optimize it in a way, that leads to easier and faster usage.

The new awork provides a new navigational structure with features that are clearly distinguishable. All navigation elements help you to understand directly, in which area of awork you currently are, wich settings are possible and what actions you can take from there.

Benefit in awork

All structural improvements help you, to move easier and faster through awork. Additional options to individualize your workflow allow you to reach your goals with less clicks. You can basically set up your own shortcuts to your important things! 😉

Maybe you even enter new areas of awork or get inivited to a new project? No worries, thanks to the clearer structure you recognize immediatly, which options you have in that specific view and which settings are active at the moment – no matter where you currently are.

Like a little example?

Us humans, we are creatures of habit. That why we get happy, when things behave as expected. This can be translated to the navigation into a task within awork. Assuming you open a task via a link or your dashboard, you will land directly in the task’s details. If this task belongs to a project (as usual), you will now always open this task within that specific project and not in as singular task window. You have no access to the whole project? Logically, the task will be opened in your tasks list then. This way you always have a logical navigation option to go “back”, to see the task in it’s bigger context.

Another example: You set up different filters to customize a specific view. To better understand at first sight, which filter options were set and which were not, active filters now always show you their precise details right away. This enables a quicker adjustment and optimization of your specific view. Perfect overview, one could say! 👓

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🎯 Intuitive usability


To achieve an intuitive feeling while using awork, logical and expected behavior is key. This is partly a result of the previous two focus areas (consistent design & clear structure) but also deserves a dedicated effort on it’s own. By connecting a certain functionality to a specific design element, users are quickly able to adapt intuitive behavior and take actions based on their experiences. Thats why the new awork introduces new elements and improved logical patterns for selected areas of the application. Without even thinking about it, you will find yourself interacting with awork in quicker, easier ways to achieve your desired results.

Benefit in awork

New interactive elements are displayed exactly at the right places, so every possible action is directly at your fingertips, not hidden behind many tabs, dropdowns or clicks. Super helpful if you want to understand quickly, what is possible for you within awork in any given moment – and what is not.

This reduces complexity in the whole application leading to you working with less total effort. We basically help your brain to flow through awork without having to think about anything unrelated besides your current focus. The reduced friction leads to a faster and easier usage and that smoooth feeling we all love so much while working on our projects and tasks.

Like a little example?

Imagine it’s Monday morning and you are planning your week in the Calendar view (previously known as “My planner”). To easily decide and plan your most important to-dos for the upcoming days, the new action-bar controls are a big help. With self-explanatory settings displayed it is easier and faster to adjust your task list in any way you might need. One-two-three – and all your tasks are shown in perfect order to understand their urgency and prioritize accordingly.

You want to be faster? Say no more: By introducing project, time, client or even user creation directly from the side-bar navigation, you are always one click away from your next action in awork. ⚡️

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🧬 New awork DNA (technical benefits)

Of course, when tackling a project of this size and impact, there is also the opportunity for bigger technical improvements along the way. And guess what – we took care of that. 😎

Redesigning awork meant reworking and improving more than 100 components of the application, restructuring the user interface and improving logical patterns.
To achieve this, we had to revisit and rewrite major parts of the general code of awork. This led to a state-of-the-art quality and app architecture. Our new foundation is much more scalable, while being even faster and more secure than before – this is what we call the new awork DNA. 🧬

Now for the most important part of this development: What’s in it for you?

✨ The code of awork has become much more efficient, making the whole application smaller. This leads to improved loading speed and reliable responsiveness, even in large workspaces with many different inputs.

🪲 Bug detection has become much easier and bug fixes can be done much faster. You will enjoy an improved overall quality that allows a smooth and distraction-free workflow in awork.

🛠️ By unifying the design (and code) of the entire app, new features and feature updates can be created much more independently. In short: This will speed us up tremendously on our mission to shape the present and future of work – to make it more enjoyable for you.

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Ready to join the adventure?

And there you have it! We're very excited to finally launch the new awork, making your work simpler, faster, and more enjoyable.

Of course, we'd love to hear your thoughts. If you have any questions, suggestions, or just want to share your excitement, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. Your feedback is what drives us and keeps us innovating.

With awork, you're not just working, you're shaping the future of work. So, let's make it a great one together – try out the new awork! 🚀

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