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Jackrabbit release: unread status, emoji reactions and more

Jackrabbit release: unread status, emoji reactions and more
July 2022

If you use awork, you know that we love to work on new features to make your teamwork even better and easier.

With all the nice new features, it is especially important to us that existing functions in awork remain super clean and clear. That's why this release (codenamed Jackrabbit 🐰) also includes many improvements to existing functions and workflows.

Here you can find out which innovations will make your everyday work even easier and how they improve collaboration in awork.

What's new:

Clearer notifications and comments

Comments are an essential part of collaboration in awork. To make communication in projects and tasks even smoother, we have put a special focus on notifications.

We have changed the grouping in the notification popup for comments, so that now they are only grouped by projects. Within a group, new notifications are sorted by date - much clearer! 🀩

Read & Unread: Work better with old and new notifications

You're probably familiar with this: A notification pops up in awork, you click on it lost in thought and skim the message. A short time later you have forgotten what was in it in the first place.

From now on, there is a new unread status for new notifications, which is represented by a small blue dot. If you click on the notification, this dot disappears and it is considered read.


With the new grouping for comments, you can also view previously read notifications at any time.


However, the notification will remain visible in the popup until you click the checkbox to make it disappear. This way you can access your notifications later and go through them comfortably. Nicenstein!

You prefer to hide your read comments directly? No problem: Simply activate the setting Automatically mark notifications as read on click in your user profile. This will make the read notifications disappear right after a reload and there's no need to uncheck them.

[.b-important-block]You can use the button in the bottom left to view older notifications that have already been read. With one click the last notifications will be loaded. The sorting is simple by date.[.b-important-block]

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New: Notifications for emoji reactions

Emoji reactions to comments have been around in awork for a while. To see if someone left an emoji, you always had to go into the project or task. This has now come to an end, because from now on there are own notifications for emoji reactions.

With notifications, emoji reactions are now an integral part of communication and you won't miss a βœ… πŸ‘€ πŸ‘ ❀️ anymore.

[.b-important-block]Similar to the comments, you can define which notifications you want to receive in the notification settings in your user profile.[.b-important-block]

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See your team’s reactions at a glance with new emoji reaction notifications.


Completed projects now no longer interfere with selection

For projects that are currently not running (anymore), there are the project statuses Completed and Canceled.

Often projects in these statuses and their tasks still appeared in the selection lists and the search, especially when using the search functions. This bothered some users, especially in time tracking. Therefore, we have extensively improved the visibility of these projects in many places in awork.

What has changed?

From now on, the search results include by default all non-completed projects (for example, projects with the status In Planning, Running, etc.). If you want to explicitly include completed projects and their tasks in the searchers, you can do so using the small filter icon to the right of the search box.


Decide for yourself if you want to include closed projects and their to-dos in the awork search.


Completed projects are also excluded in the project selection fields. Only if you explicitly search for these projects and the switch to include completed projects is activated, they will be listed in the search results.

And last but not least, a gamechanger for working with the Kanban board: You can now hide tasks in green board columns that were set to Completed before today. This allows you to work with the Kanban board in a tidier way, even for long-running projects.

Many small improvements everywhere in awork

As with every release, we've made a number of small improvements that are sure to put a smile on your face. 🀩

The coolest optimizations in fast forward:

  • awork now saves the scroll position when you jump from the overviews (e.g. project overview or task overview) to the details and then navigate back again. This makes going through many tasks or projects one after the other much more pleasant.
  • We have improved the text editor - for example in task and project descriptions. Selecting text and inserting styles and files now works more reliably.
  • We removed a slight flickering in the UI that occurred on loading screens or with logos and user* images.
  • The new tag popup is now also used when tagging customers and users and has received a few minor improvements.

SCIM – Central user management for enterprise users

Good news for all enterprise customers who use single sign-on (SSO)…
Until now, single sign-on still lacked central user management via the identity provider. For this there is now the awork SCIM integration.

If you have configured Single-Sign-On, SCIM can now also be set up. SCIM can then be used to automatically activate and deactivate users, define authorization roles and create new users.


Use SCIM integration to automate many user management to-dos.


The integration is in a closed beta version, so it is not yet available for all enterprise customers. If you want to set up and test SCIM in awork, feel free to contact us!

We hope you enjoy discovering and trying out all the new features!

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