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awork as an alternative to monday.com

awork as an alternative to monday.com
April 2022

Looking for the right monday.com alternative that brings genuine joy to work with intuitive project management? Find out why the work management tool awork is the best monday.com alternative in this post.

A summary of all contents:

What sets monday.com apart? An overview of the tool

monday.com is the American market leader for productive team workflow.

monday.com software offers extensive features that can handle even complex workflows and processes.
monday.com provides over 200 ready-made templates for your projects.
monday.com prices range from 8 to 10 euros per user per month, depending on desired functionality and user count.
A free version of monday.com software is available but limited to a maximum of two team members.

The following characteristics of monday.com make it worthwhile to consider a monday.com alternative:

Complexity of the tool: Especially smaller or medium-sized teams should closely examine the functionality of monday.com and determine if it suits them – for example, task boards are divided into various sub-boards and sub-items. Consider whether this complexity is the right fit for your practical work.
Usability: Some users find the tool challenging to use; for instance, programming knowledge is required for working with automations.
Onboarding time: The high functionality of the tool implies a time-consuming onboarding process, depending on the team's size.

Why companies choose awork

We searched for several months and tried many other tools of this type. Either they were too big or they were simply too ugly and old-fashioned. With awork, everything fits. The organization of projects and tasks is great and the best thing is the integration of time tracking. It is also possible to organize clients and assign them to projects, which is not common in other tools.
Denise Fritze, Project Manager at Windrich &Β SΓΆrgel‍

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awork as a monday.com alternative

Successful task and project management should be simple and bring joy to your work. If you're looking for a cost-effective monday.com alternative for smooth project management, then you should definitely keep reading. Why is awork the best monday.com alternative for you and your team?

Allow us to introduce: The monday.com alternative, awork. For genuine joy at work.

1. Intuitive, simple project management

One thing is clear: Function overload and tool chaos don't make you more productive or happier at work. That's why you need a solution for intuitive, simple project management: The organizational tool awork. awork consolidates all your to-dos in one central place and helps you and your team collaborate more productively.

How does awork facilitate teamwork?

  • Streamlined workflow: Manage your to-dos the way that suits you and your team best – in task lists, agile kanban boards, or the awork timeline.
  • Cross-project team planning: In awork, you can plan tasks by user or by project simultaneously. Create deadlines, set milestones, record absences, and keep an eye on workloads.
  • Always keep track of time: With integrated awork time tracking, you can easily record time via a stopwatch, drag and drop, or directly in projects and tasks.
  • Even more productive with integrations: From Zapier and Slack to Microsoft Teams – connect awork with the apps and tools your team already uses.
  • Functionality and clarity in one: With awork, it's not either/or. The entire team pays special attention to ensuring that awork remains user-friendly despite its diverse range of features.

2. A tool for better teamwork

Work should bring joy. That's why awork is here to support you and your team in better and happier collaboration. Especially in times of remote work and more, it's evident that long-term business success is only possible with the right teamwork.

So how does awork assist you?

  • Made for users: awork is ready to go in no time, intuitive, and easy to use – suitable for all age groups and teams of all sizes.
  • Onboarding made easy: What's better than a smooth start with awork? Learn more about awork in regular intro webinars, the awork blog with exciting best practices, a help center that provides practically every answer, or a free one-on-one call.
  • Beautiful project organization: awork looks great and brings a smile to your face with friendly interactions.
  • Happiness over busy work: Put an end to organizational chaos and create more time for the enjoyable part of work.
  • Project management for genuine joy at work: Keep the perfect overview of your tasks and projects with awork.

If you want to give awork a try, take advantage of this 14-day free trial. No credit card required, and there's no automatic subscription afterward.

Why companies choose awork

Awork combines all the things we need to organize our projects. There are tasks and subtasks, time tracking, client organization, ... everything we need to organize ourselves. And it's very simple! There are enough options for customization, but not too much that you get confused. The prices are also absolutely fair. Asana and monday.com were too complicated for us (monday.com was also too expensive).
Denise Fritze, Project Manager at Windrich &Β SΓΆrgel


3. Flexible pricing for teams of all sizes

Depending on your preferences, awork comes in three versions:

  • ‍Basic: The right entry point for small teams who do not need specific collaboration features, like workload overview etc.‍
  • Team: The right entry point for most teams of up to about 50 users. It includes extensive features for planning your team, and phone support is also included. If you later find that you need some enterprise-level features, you can upgrade at any time.‍
  • Enterprise: Specifically designed for large organizations. With awork, planning for multiple locations, diverse client teams, or many users is no problem. Most teams start showing interest in awork Enterprise packages with around 50 users – the largest teams using awork have about 5,000 users in the work management tool.

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PS. awork's support is truly world-class! The team is available via email, chat, or phone, and they respond within minutes – even during the trial phase. You can find detailed descriptions and videos in the help center for most questions.

4. GDPR compliant with servers in Germany

Simple, intuitive, and secure:

  • awork is GDPR compliant. awork is operated in the most modern, certified data centers in Germany.
  • All data stored in awork is exclusively kept there. Except for you and, if your support requires it, an awork technician, no one else has access to it. This is ensured, for example, through constant data encryption.
  • Thanks to the complex technical infrastructure, awork ensures very high availability, particularly strong data security, and up-to-date backups.

5. Fast and competent customer support – also in German

Especially with a provider of digital tools, fast and reliable support should be a given. According to some users, the support from the American market leader monday.com leaves much to be desired – there are long waiting times and no German support, and questions are not adequately answered.

If endless scrolling through FAQ pages doesn't help, you're left with two options: waiting or getting started with awork!

  • The awork team from Hamburg answers your questions in no time via live chat.
  • We're here for you personally from 09:00 to 18:00 on weekdays.
  • You can also reach awork consultants via email at [email protected].


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