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Quokka release: All in for best usability during your workday

Quokka release: All in for best usability during your workday
May 2023

The awesome Quokka update brings a wider grin to every user thanks to a variety of usability improvements, even wider than that of the happiest animal in the world*. Whether you’re using time tracking on a daily basis or working on task management, this leap makes your workday even smoother! 🦘

*Quokkas are known for their curious nature and cheerful facial expressions. Maybe you’ll even find an especially happy one in the tool! If you do, quickly send us an email with a screenshot. The first person to do so will receive a nice, exclusive surprise! 🎁

Here’s an overview of the release highlights:

Awesome usability update

Basic usability improvements in awork provide the smoothest work management ever that will make your everyday life with awork as easy as possible.

Revised popups for easier and faster input

All popups, such as for defining projects, details or users when tracking new times or creating a task are now wider and therefore more organized. To assign a project to a time or task you can now also search for the corresponding customer name. This is displayed in the list and makes the allocation even clearer.

All detail fields (“bubbles”) in the popups are now larger and more readable. For faster time tracking with the action input (shortcut: “z”) dedicated detail fields for project and task selection have been added.

With these small but fine updates you can define all the details in no time.

Simplified time tracking via start-stop timer

When tracking times via the start-stop timer in the lower right corner of the screen, it is now even easier to quickly and easily select the relevant details. In the new “recent”section you immediately see the last ten times you created with the timer and can set the right project and task info with just one click.

Lose no more time searching for the right task and project

Faster information and navigation during time tracking

If a task or project is defined for active time tracking, you can easily display the corresponding information by hovering the mouse over the running timer. This displays a small window that allows you to navigate directly to the project or task with just one click.

In the list view of your times under “My Times”, the displayed projects and tasks of the tracked times are now links that enable you to quickly access all relevant information. You’ll be moving through the tool like a fresh breeze! 🌬️

New essentials for smooth task management

There are also many smaller new features around tasks, all of which contribute to providing you with more options for easy task management.

Move and duplicate task lists

From now on, you can easily move entire task lists across projects. To do this, use the action menu of the desired list and select a target project via “Move to project”.

Also, in the action menu of task lists, you will find the option to duplicate the selected list. This will retain all tasks and subtasks, their status and their assignments. Already tracked times and comments will not be duplicated.

Transfer your favorite task lists directly to the next project

Creating tasks within a list is now even easier

Creating a new task (or subtask) using the separator line between two tasks in a list now works even more reliably. We’ve increased the clickable area to make it easier to use.

Improved options to show completed tasks

When displaying completed tasks within a project, only tasks completed within the last 30 days are initially shown. This helps to maintain a good overview, especially for long-term projects such as ticketing.

Previously, additional clicks were required to display all completed tasks. Now, however, you’ll find both display options combined in the new selection menu for completed tasks, so you always have the right selection and view at your fingertips. Smart bonus: awork always remembers the last setting for your user in the respective project, so you don’t have to make the same adjustments constantly.

awork remembers what you want to see and where you want to see it 🧠

Dashboard: More details in the task widget

The dashboard is perfect for getting a quick and basic overview, so it makes sense that now there are significantly more details visible in the task widget. Individual tasks are now showing all the information that you are used to seeing in the usual task lists in your projects. From deadlines and recorded times to tags and priorities, you now have everything in view on your dashboard.

A glance at the dashboard and all details become clear

Optimized title fields on detail pages

Too much text for a single line? No problem! The title fields on detail pages (such as for tasks or projects) are now flexible, allowing you to easily edit looooong titles in a clear and organized manner, even if they extend over multiple lines.

Visibility of subtasks in task filters

When using task filters, only subtasks that exactly match the filter criteria were previously displayed. Now, if a parent task matches an active filter, all associated subtasks are automatically displayed as well. These can be easily expanded or collapsed as usual using the toggle.

Task filters now always display all subtasks of a corresponding task

Improvements in time tracking management

“Time is money” – Time tracking is essential for many teams to ensure transparent planning and execution of projects, and is also crucial for billing purposes. In larger, complex teams, inaccurate time tracking often results in unwanted losses. New options in awork now make time tracking even easier, more accurate, and more flexible. Whether in graphics, development, consulting, or controlling, everyone can now worry about at least one thing less.

New option: Only allow time tracking with a corresponding project

This new feature allows workspace admins to prevent time tracking without a project in awork. This ensures a reliable assignment of time entries to projects within the team, which is especially important for teams where project allocation is essential for proper billing. To activate this feature, simply turn on the new switch button in the time tracking settings, which makes selecting a project a mandatory requirement.

Existing data will not be affected by this change immediately. Later, if a project is assigned to a previously tracked time entry, the associated project can still be changed, but it cannot be unassigned from that time entry anymore.

For users, this setting means that the start-stop timer only starts once a project selection has been made. Also time tracking on private projects is no longer possible when this option is active. Of course, admins still have the option to bypass this restriction (as with all settings) in order to make corrections.

Track and add times for other users

Starting now, you can also record and retroactively add hours for other users. Users who have the appropriate permissions to manage project times can select the desired person to track their time by simply clicking on their profile picture in the action input (shortcut: “z”). This feature is also available when editing existing time entries.

Custom settings in “My times”

In the “My Times” section, you can find smart suggestions for time tracking based on the tasks you have been working on that day. These suggestions make it easier and quicker for you to record and assign your times to tasks smoothly. If you don’t want to use this feature, you can now turn off the time tracking suggestions. To do so, simply activate “Hide suggestions in My times > My day view” in your profile settings.

Technical infrastructure upgrade for tasks

A lot has been going on behind the scenes of the app as well. The entire infrastructure related to tasks in awork has been technically improved and upgraded.

Previously, there were occasional issues with inconsistent information, particularly in large workspaces with significant amounts of data. For example, changes made to a task might not immediately be visible to all users.

With the new infrastructure, changes and updates to tasks are now always consistent throughout the entire workspace. Developer’s dreams do come true: With the update, the entire app runs even faster and reliable. ⚡️

Great usability is simply the best foundation for great work – and honestly, it also makes it the most fun!

That’s why a particularly large amount of attention to detail has gone into the many small but significant improvements of the Quokka release. This will make your daily work in awork so much smoother and more enjoyable – one hop closer to the happiest work management in the world. Quokka approves! 🦘

Please find all the details to the new Quokka features in the corresponding helpcenter articles.

Have fun with even easier project work! Your awork team 💜

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