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Rhino release: The awork desktop app got power!

Rhino release: The awork desktop app got power!
May 2023

The new Rhino release brings unprecedented power to your everyday life with awork. In addition to many improvements, we also have a special highlight: the native awork desktop app (available for macOS and Windows) fights against cluttered browser tabs and offers new possibilities for more organization and productivity. 🦏

The highlights of this release:

The awork desktop app is here

Everyone works a little differently with awork: sometimes as a favorite, bookmark, or pinned in the browser, or even opened three times and hidden somewhere between all the other tabs. No matter how, awork always reliably helps you through your workday.

Especially for power users, quick access to their own awork workspace counts. And what better way to do that than with an own awork app?

That’s why awork is now available as a standalone, powerful, and native desktop app. Manage your projects and teams completely independently of any browsers. This not only brings all the power of awork to your computer, but also provides you with some nice extra features while using it. For example, native notifications – cool, right?

Once installed, you can enjoy the following benefits with the awork desktop app:

Benefit 1: Native Desktop Notifications from awork

A bonus feature that we are particularly happy about: With the desktop app, you receive notifications that you could previously only see directly in awork, now directly on your desktop via your operating system. You can see these when the awork app is open but not active in the foreground.

Native notifications are not only super practical to stay up to date and be able to react quickly, but they also look incredibly good. awork has never integrated so cleanly into your system before!

Benefit 2: More organization with many programs and tabs

Always there when you need awork. Thanks to the new desktop app, you always have quick access to your workspace without having to search between tabs and windows for a long time. Especially when switching between programs using the tab key on the keyboard (cmd + Tab or Alt + Tab), this is a huge advantage: The awork app is recognized as a standalone program and you can switch back and forth directly.

With improved organization on your desktop, you will no longer accidentally close awork with your browser but work quicker and even more structured.

Benefit 3: Focus mode = ON!

Speaking of concentration: Who can’t relate? On the way through the internet, a new funny video about puppies or the latest headlines about Elon Musk lurks behind every corner.

With the awork app, it’s “Focus mode = ON!”

The “Do Not Disturb” settings of your operating system are of course taken into account by the awork notifications – nothing stands in the way of your concentration (or break). Create, plan, and manage your tasks with full attention and without distraction from your browser.

Benefit 4: awork among all your favorite apps

Add awork to your dock (macOS) or your Start menu (Windows) to have immediate and direct access to the app. This way you can start your work relaxed, organized, and without any distractions.

Pro tip: In the system settings (macOS & Windows), you can even set awork as an auto-start program so that awork always opens automatically when you start your computer.

The new awork desktop app makes your work even more organized

Installing the new awork desktop app

The new awork desktop app is now available for all users. You can use the app on Apple devices with macOS (Intel chip or Silicon chip) or Microsoft. To do this, simply follow this link to download the desktop app and choose the appropriate app for your computer. Download the app and follow the easy installation. Boom – Start the app, log in, and you’re ready to go!

Do you need help with the installation? Then take a look here in the help center.

Important: Even as a desktop app, awork remains a web-based tool. Therefore, you can only use the app with a working internet connection.

Better overview for timeline and task lists

Wow, there’s more? Suuuure, we have more improvements in store: Many small details now make working with awork even more pleasant. You may have already noticed a new feature?

New “Today” position in the timeline

In the timeline, the focus is on the future. Especially when it comes to planning the next steps and tasks carefully and visually. That’s why we have adjusted the initial position of the timeline so that the current day is no longer in the middle but further to the left in the timeline. When you first look at your project, you have a better overview of what’s coming up in the coming days and weeks.

With the optimized timeline, you can look further into the future

Improved dashboard view on “My tasks”

To make everything relevant easily recognizable on your dashboard, we have further improved the logic behind displaying detail bubbles in the “My Tasks” widget.

These are now even more appropriately selected and displayed, depending on how much space is available. The length of the task titles and the display size of awork are also taken into account.

The most important details about your tasks at a glance on the dashboard

More information in the list header

In all task lists, you will now always find the corresponding progress of the respective list. The following information will be displayed for the respective task list:

  • All hours recorded to the total planned hours so far
  • All completed tasks to the total number of created tasks so far

This way you can also get a good overview of the status of the individual parts of your projects with longer lists or many subtasks.

Check the status of individual task lists thanks to clear information

Comment indicator in task overview

We have also added another small detail for all tasks in awork: A new indicator informs you about the comments created so far within a task. This gives you a direct impression of which tasks have the most exchange.

Time reports for deactivated users

Previously, it was not possible to evaluate times for users who had already been deactivated. We have changed that!

When evaluating times, now you always have the choice of whether you want to include already deactivated users in the evaluation or not. For this purpose, you will find a new switch in the corresponding person filter with which you can make your selection.

New options for time evaluation – with or without deactivated users

Recurring subtasks

When we introduced subtasks we promised to deliver a few missing pieces to make subtasks even better, just like this one:

When creating recurring tasks, subtasks were not taken into account. That is now the case, so you can also repeat all associated subtasks of a recurring task. Perfect for repetitive tasks with many subtasks or even the monthly bulk shopping for the office kitchen!

Performance issues solved

We have taken another important step towards high-speed: An adjustment in our error reporting had recently (partially noticeably) affected the performance of awork. We were able to fix this issue and make further optimizations at the same time. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that awork is now faster than ever. 🏎️

What’s next?

In the past few weeks, we have released a number of major features: from the new planner, to subtasks, to awork AI and now the new desktop app. And of course, there were also many little things that help you and your team manage your projects as best as possible.

In the next 2-3 months, we have particularly big plans. We are dedicated to a very special matter that we have been looking forward to for a long time – because good things take time.

Let’s just say: It’s about nothing less than the next stage of evolution for awork. Stay tuned! ✨

But for now, have fun testing the new awork desktop app! We are sure that it will be a great addition to the daily workflow for many of you.

Your awork team 💜

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