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Now Live: Direct Slack Integration for Productive Teams

Now Live: Direct Slack Integration for Productive Teams
December 2020

In addition to the new time reporting feature in awork, we’ve also been working on the Slack integration feature. Slack is a popular tool among many teams to communicate and update each other.

One thing is for sure: our Slack integration will make you and your team even more productive. This article will explain precisely how this feature works and how you can connect your awork with Slack.

Even better communication with your team

With the Slack integration, you can create tasks in awork, leave comments or start time tracking on a task directly from your Slack chat. This allows you to start project planning directly from your chat, and you don’t even have to switch tools to do it!

In your awork, as well as in your Slack channel, you will be able to see who is working on which task along with the task’s current status.

Connect your awork account with Slack

To activate the Slack integration, you have two options. You can choose the classic way via our main menu and the menu item Integrations.

On the other hand, you can pair your awork with Slack directly via the project view. To do so, select the dot icon next to the respective project. Then you can select the desired Slack channel and specify which activity should be triggered via Slack.

In awork, you must first define which selection options there should be. How about assigning a user, naming a due date, setting a status, or commenting? Back in Slack, you’ll then need to onetime verify that you are who you say you are.

Connect your awork account with Slack.

Productivity via Slack

With the / key in Slack, you can now easily start a new command at any time. You will get a selection of functions that are possible thanks to the integration. For example, if you create a new task via Slack, the task is automatically created in awork.

Functions you can start directly from Slack:

  • Add a new task in awork.
  • Connect your awork account to Slack.
  • Disconnect your awork account and Slack.
  • Comment on a task or project in awork.
  • Add a link to a specific project in awork with Slack.
  • Unlink the project in awork.
  • Start time tracking in awork using a Slack channel.
  • Stop your time tracking in awork using a Slack channel.
Reply directly in your Slack channel to newly created tasks in awork.

What’s especially handy is that you can reply directly in Slack to newly created tasks. You can either change the status, set an editor, set a deadline, or comment directly.

Would you like to say something about a certain to-do to your colleague Karolin, who has just created three new tasks in awork? With the Slack integration, you no longer have to switch from Slack to awork but can click directly on the Comment button and write down your comments there.

You will then find your comment both in Slack and in your awork – in the right project and under the right task.

The new Slack integration is especially cool for your team, as all events from projects and tasks are displayed in Slack. Teamwork has never been more transparent!

Your team doesn’t work with Slack? We are currently developing the same kind of integration for Microsoft Teams. Take a look at our roadmap, where you can find all planned awork features.

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