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Annual planning

Are you ready to make 2024 your year? With our annual planning template, that won't be a problem! Save time and energy and focus on what really matters.


From idea to reality without chaos 💪

Are you tired of constantly losing track of your annual planning? Then our annual planning template is just the thing for you! It will help you bring order to your quarterly and yearly goals and tasks and organise them efficiently.

With the annual planning template, you can clearly summarise all your plans, goals and projects for the coming year. This way, you'll always have an overview and start the new year stress-free. Get the annual planning template now and get your team organised!

[.b-important-block] Create your annual plan in your own awork project to keep an eye on all your goals and work together with the team towards your success throughout the year. Simply test the template in the 14-day trial. [.b-important-block]

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Keep track of your goals and projects, even with multiple teams

With our annual planning template, it's child's play to keep an overview. Whether you work alone or with several teams - our template helps you to manage your goals and projects efficiently. You'll be surprised how easy it is to bring order to your chaos. Assign entire teams to individual projects or individuals in order to have clear responsibilities for each milestone. This will enable you to plan your annual goals clearly together and implement them efficiently.

Use a practical template to help you structure your plans

Never start from scratch again; benefit from the practical annual planning template and hit the ground running! We've all been there: the annual planning is just around the corner and we have ideas or even concrete goals, but we don't know how to bundle them and make them visible to the entire team. The awork annual planning template helps you to clearly define your goals and create a concrete action plan. With a smart structure and easy-to-use functions, it ensures that you not only make your plans, but also implement them.

Plan together with the team and work on the tasks together throughout the year

Just looking for a template? We believe that a suitable project management tool is the better solution for efficient and successful annual planning.
A file flies around on servers, a mind map never really looks finished and let's not even start with printed annual plans...
Implement your annual plan into your daily work routine and work management! If the company goals are always visible and everyone is aware of them, projects can be implemented much more concretely. If you now create the company goals as a project and add each team member, you have a place where the current status with all the necessary tasks is always stored.
With awork, you have the option of recording times, milestones and creating responsible teams or people for each task package, which contributes to a part of the annual plan. Depending on how you prefer to work, the annual planning project can be displayed in the timeline, list or Kanban view.

awork capacity planning for the annual planning

Get your annual planning template now and get started!

With our annual planning template, you have everything under control! Organise your projects, deadlines and goals clearly and efficiently. Whether for the entire company or just for your team, this template will help you plan your year perfectly. No more unexpected events, no overlapping deadlines - just smooth processes. Don't hesitate any longer, get your annual planning template now and get started on an organised, stress-free year!

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