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The first awork AI feature is here!

The first awork AI feature is here!
May 2023
“Hey ChatGPT, please write a great intro for the release of awork’s new AI feature!”

Many of you are probably familiar with this or something like it: whether it’s ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, or Dall-E 2, artificial intelligence (AI) has already made its way into our everyday life and offers endless possibilities.

Of course we were wondering: How can AI make your and your teams project management better? Can it assist with planning and coordinating teams? And can it be smoothly incorporated into a project management tool like awork?

Challenge accepted! 💪

Say hi to awork’s AI Feature

Today, we proudly present our first answer to these questions and introduce you to a brand new feature – the smart project assistant in awork.

Of course, there are endless possibilities for using AI in project and team management. But to fit perfectly into the DNA of awork they have to be naturally integrated into the workflow, are easy and intuitive to use, and above all, offer real added value for our users and their teams.

That’s why we decided to support the most central area in awork with AI: project and task creation. The goal was to develop an intelligent feature that can turn your ideas into projects and tasks easily and directly from scratch.

The awork AI helps you with project and task creation

Time is the most valuable resource for many teams in the project business. Therefore, project and task creation usually has to be done quickly. But the first steps are rarely easy – at least until today.

If you know any of these problems, awork’s new AI feature might be just perfect for you:

  • You lack the right starting point for a project?
  • You want to speed up project and task creation?
  • You have an idea but don’t know exactly how to implement it?

Read on to find out how awork will improve your team’s project routine with AI.

Kickstart your next project: Project creation with AI

You are at the very beginning of a new project and have not yet found the right approach to shape your thoughts into tasks? Say no more.

Thanks to awork’s new AI feature, you will kickstart your projects in no time because you will never have to start from scratch again.

Create the perfect starting point for your project with AI and get started right away – all in just a few seconds and without any tedious work.

Simply formulate your thoughts as a prompt for the AI and let it create the optimal foundation for your project work. With the results, you can now structure your project much more easily, develop it further, and start working directly.

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A real productivity boost for the first phase of the project and a great help to make sure nothing essential is forgotten.

Lightning fast project creation with AI

How exactly does it work?

When creating a new project in awork, you will now find the option “Create with AI” in the templates. This will take you to an input window where you can describe what kind of project you want to start.

For example, describe your ideas and goals, define requirements, or give directions. The more context you provide to the AI, the more precisely the results will be shaped according to your wishes.

With one click on “suggest tasks”, you activate the AI: Based on your input, you will receive a project list with tasks, including descriptions, in just a few seconds.

You can either take this suggestion and transfer it directly to the new project or refine it even further. So if you’re not 100% satisfied with the result yet, simply provide more information for the AI to optimize the tasks for your requirements and have it create an improved suggestion.

Are you happy with the result? Then click “Use tasks” to start and your team can tackle the new tasks right away.

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Let the AI support you and save crucial minutes. This way, you can quickly get to the most important part of your work and have more time for your to-dos – all without the stress of planning. 🥳

AI magic: Add new tasks to your project

Every project managers will know this: Everything is going smoothly, but then all of a sudden an email arrives: There is a new problem that was not planned for.

But no need to panic, with awork and AI, you are smart and reliably prepared. Because even your ongoing projects can easily be supported with AI via creating new task lists. This way, you can react quickly to changes. Nice!

Always find the right tasks for your goals

How exactly does it work?

Simply create a new task list in a project. At the bottom of the empty list, you will find the option “Create tasks with AI”.

This will take you to the input window for AI-powered task creation. Describe your new problem to the AI here and have the necessary tasks generated in seconds.

You have the same options as when creating a project with AI: Describe the problem that has arisen or describe what you plan to do to have tasks generated automatically. Take the result directly into your project or – if necessary – do some fine-tuning here as well.

Pro tip: Creative brainstorming with AI

The classic: Your ideas already sound great in your head, but it’s still hard for you to put it into words. With the AI in awork, you can brainstorm your ideas and thoughts easily – whether alone or together with your team.

The AI’s suggestions help to develop, discuss, and refine ideas. Perfect conditions for fresh thoughts – Bye bye, creative block! 🧠

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A little look ahead (awork + AI = 💜)

We are convinced: AI is here to stay. And it is entirely possible that it will change the way we manage projects and teams in the future.

But today, it’s all about finding ways for AI to support, inspire, or relieve our workday.

We are thrilled to take a fundamental step in this direction with the first AI feature in awork – and thus add value for the daily work of many teams.

Of course, we are also super curious to hear what you think about it. Try awork’s new AI feature and send us your feedback and ideas on how AI can improve working in awork even more in the future.

We can’t wait to develop our ideas further and dive even deeper into the world of artificial intelligence – not only to raise your productivity but also your joy of work to a new level!

Lots and lots of fun with your first AI test in awork! Your awork team 🤖

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