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awork as Jira alternative: The project management quiz duel

awork as Jira alternative: The project management quiz duel
October 2023

"Dear audience, this is your quizmaster speaking. Welcome to our project management quiz duel: awork vs. Jira! Today we dive into different categories: Design and UX, Onboarding for newbies, Capacity planning, Data protection, Creative vs. development teams, Time tracking and Project planning.

In my left-hand corner: awork - modern, easy and yet packed with all the functions you need for effective and useful work. 

On the opposite side is Jira, a project management stalwart with countless functions that techies have known and loved for decades.

These are our rules of the game: In each category I ask a question, awork and Jira give their best answers, and then it's up to you - the audience. You decide which approach sounds best to you and your team. Well, are you excited? I certainly am! Let the games begin!"

Round 1: Design & UX

Quiz Master: "What should the design of a tool be like in order to convince users?

Answer choices:

A: Classic and comprehensive.

B: Nice and easy to use.

C: The design doesn't matter at all.

💜 awork: "Clearly answer B. People want a tool that is easy and nice. No one wants to spend hours slogging through complicated menus or feel reminded of Windows 95. That's why at awork we focus on a modern design in combination with a nice UX. Pretty, simple and almost easy to use - we like that. And so do our users."

🩶 Jira: "So I'll take answer A. With Jira, we rely on the tried and tested for software development. Our design is functional and structured. Why change something that works? We also know there is a learning curve in using it, but once understood, the Jira software offers powerful features. Our tool may not have the lightest UX. But for the teams that get into it, it delivers exactly what they need."

Quiz Master: "Okay, dear audience. We have two different views here: Modern and easy UX design vs. classic and semi-intuitive. Both have their merits. Now it's your turn: which option do you choose? Which is best for your team?"

[.b-testimonial]We chose awork because of its efficiency, simplicity, and beautiful user interface.[.b-testimonial]

Arda Serce, CEO at Bitforge

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Round 2: Onboarding for new team members

Quiz Master: "What should the introduction to the tool be like for newcomers?"

Answer choices:

A: Ready to go immediately, no frills.

B: For a complex tool, familiarisation can take a while, once it's up and running.

C: Colleagues train newcomers.

💜 awork: "I'll take answer A again. Our tool is designed so that everyone, from project managers to creative people, can get started straight away. There is no long training period with us. Our clients often work in remote teams - and they appreciate it when new team members get on without hours of training from colleagues. On top of that, there is an extra onboarding project that explains the most important functions step by step."

🩶 Jira: "Hm. It's hard for me to decide between answer B and C. But I'm leaning towards C. I'm not sure if it's the right answer. But I'm leaning towards C. We really have a lot of software functions to discover. It can be a bit challenging for newbies at the beginning, but it's definitely worth it. We therefore rely on the more experienced colleagues to show the tool to newcomers - they know the processes and features best."

Quiz Master: "It's interesting to see how different the approaches are. With awork, the start is direct and uncomplicated, while Jira relies on the knowledge of the team members. How do you decide, dear audience?"

OMR Reviews; December 2023

Round 3: Creative vs. development teams

Quiz Master: "Who should be at the centre of the software - the creatives or the development department?"

Answer choices:

A: A tad more love for the techies.

B: A little more applause for the creatives.

C: A harmonious coexistence - everyone should be happy.

💜 awork: "Without hesitation - answer C. Whether creative types or techies - we want everyone to feel right at home. With software features that satisfy all members of a team. And features that make life easier for project managers, because everything runs smoothly - and still works. So why choose when we can inspire creatives AND techies?"

🩶 Jira: "We choose A. Development crews need special tools and features - and we are top in that area. We care a bit more about the techies with the Jira software. And they LOVE the Jira ticketing system. Creatives can use our tool too, of course, but they're not necessarily the focus."

Quiz master: "So what do you think, dear audience? Creatives, techies... or both? Which tool suits your crew better? Vote now and show us what you like!"

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Round 4: Time tracking

Quiz Master: "Time tracking - a must in all projects. What's the best way to do it?"

Answer choices:

A: Integrated calendar for an easy overview.

B: Standard time recording, expandable with plug-ins.

C: Automated time recording plus tracking systems.

💜 awork: "For us, it's a combination of A and C. We integrate time booking seamlessly into the workflow. And with our integrated time recording, tracking becomes child's play. The calendar integration is a highlight - the teams no longer have to switch between individual tools during work and have EVERYTHING in one. Time recording with our software is also visually super. It's even fun for the creative people to book times. And that's saying something. 😅"

🩶 Jira: "Answer B! Our time tracking may not look as "nice" in comparison as other tools, but it serves its purpose reliably and efficiently - thanks to plugins. Creatives should remember that time booking in projects is not a fun event, but simply part of it."

Quiz Master: "A little oldschool, a little modern. Which time recording strategy makes more sense for you?"

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Round 5: Project planning

Quiz Master: "How do you make sure projects stay on track?"

Answer choices:

A: Visual overview with drag & drop.

B: Through automations that take over the repetitive stuff.

C: Analytics and data-driven dashboards.

💜 awork: "It's really hard to decide here. I would like to take everything, may I? No? Hmm, let me think. Our teams love having everything in view with our visual timeline and dragging and dropping tasks easily. There are also cool filtering systems for the dashboards that allow team members to see what's important to them. Plus, our automations ensure that recurring tasks are handled in the background and teams can focus on their core tasks..."

🩶 Jira: "... I already have my answer ready. We rely heavily on answer B and C. Our automations significantly reduce manual effort. At the same time, our data-driven dashboards provide teams with deep insights into their projects, enabling targeted management."

Quiz Master: "Soooo, whether it's a visual overview or deep data-based insights, which approach will help your crew make the projects successful?"

Round 6: Capacity planning

Quiz master: "Having team capacities under control is the be-all and end-all. What's the smartest way to go about it?"

Answer choices:

A: Combined calendar and project planning in real time.

B: Project managers do the planning, they know projects and teams best.

C: Intuitive planning.

💜 awork: "Answer A. With awork, teams have the possibility to plan their capas in the long term and at the same time to design the daily calendar in detail. The combination of calendar and project planning makes it possible to react to spontaneous changes and customer requests in real time. Everyone can see at a glance which team members are busy and who still has room to manoeuvre. You won't find this simple form of workload and capacity planning in any other software."

🩶 Jira: "We take B - that's exactly how we see it. We call it Jira work management. The project managers should know the workload of their teams in their sleep and of course they do the capacity planning. If that doesn't work, we would go for C. That's how Jira Project Management works.”

Quiz master: "Spontaneous adjustments or the classic way with a bit of brooding - which way leads your team most safely through the project jungle?"

[.b-testimonial]Honest opinion: I have been using awork since the beginning of my career and it’s still the perfect fit to fulfill all of our company’s needs.[.b-testimonial]

Shivam Verma, Security Engineer at IIT Kanpur

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Round 7: Data protection

Quiz Master: "How should users' data be protected?

Answer choices:

A: Local and DSGVO-compliant in German data centres.

B: Worldwide data centres with high compliance standards.

C: Permanent encryption and regular backups.

💜 awork: "Answer A AND C. At awork we take data protection very seriously. Our data storage and processing are carried out exclusively in certified German data centres. The DSGVO is our top priority."

🩶 Jira: "We focus on B. The data of our customers is distributed worldwide in data centres and has the same high standard of protection everywhere. Of course, DSGVO compliance is also important for our Jira software."

Quiz Master: "Data security is a must. Where would you rather see your data and that of your customers? Safely stored in German data centres or worldwide?"

Project management tool quiz: awork as a Jira alternative

Quiz Master: "And that brings us to the end of our project management tool duel today! From 'design' to 'newbie onboarding', 'data protection', 'creative vs. development crew', 'capacity planning, 'time tracking' and 'project planning', awork and Jira have presented us with their perspectives and solutions.

Now that you have heard the points of view on the different categories, the final decision is yours. Which tool suits your company and your team best? Which approach convinced you in the different areas?" Can awork be considered as a Jira alternative and vice versa? We are curious!"

awork as a Jira alternative in project management

Are you scouring the web for alternatives to the project management tool Jira? Nice that you landed here in your search. awork is the go-to project management solution for teams of all sizes in agencies, consultancies and tech companies. Whether you're planning projects, coordinating tasks or optimising team collaboration - awork adapts, offers flexibility, is easy to use and comes in a nice design.

Time to take a closer look at awork as a Jira alternative? No problem, Sherlock. 🔎 You can test all the advantages easily and free of charge!

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