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Connect use case: Direct communication with clients

Connect use case: Direct communication with clients
March 2024

Coming soon: awork Connect brings you and your customers together in one spot – no more time wasted, no more confusion, just happy customers

Despite the advances in technology, teams working on customer projects still find themselves trapped in an endless loop of emails. This often results in scattered information and unhappy customers due to a lack of clarity on project progress.

But fret not, thanks to awork Connect, those tedious email chains will be history! Share your project and loop your customers directly into the workflow. Project and task-based communication ensure everyone's on the same page, eliminating misunderstandings. This not only saves you time but also brings your customers closer to your team, fostering effective communication.


Direct communication on project level saves valuable time


awork Connect: A better way to collaborate with your customers

With awork Connect, you give your team and your customers a common platform for seamless communication, ensuring faster project completion.

Your customers are directly involved in your team's work - whether it's for quick feedback or transparent project overviews.

Quick responses to customer needs and concerns are possible with awork, strengthening the bond and boosting the success of your collaboration.

With the easy and secure rights management, you can invite your customers to your workspace and control which functionalities they can use.


These are the benefits

  • Quick and easy communication with clients on task- and project level
  • Stronger customer relations through direct involvement
  • Transparent collaboration in one spot for a full project view
  • Top-notch security for project information with simple rights management


The new client project of Clever Consulting LLC (Example)

Clever Consulting LLC has embarked on a complex consulting project with a new client. They believe in regular communication and direct feedback as essential for a successful project.

As soon as Clever Consulting team sets up the project, it's shared with the key people from the client team using awork Connect. They get immediate access to individual project tasks, ensuring a clear overview. Each external collaborator can edit, provide feedback on, or comment on tasks – as if they were part of the internal team.

Bye-bye, email loops. Hello, direct task-level communication. This direct communication pathway ensures the project progresses transparently and efficiently.

The result: A close, happy business relationship and a successful project completion with no hurdles.


When can you start connecting?

awork Connect will soon be at your service – stay tuned for updates on the product page for awork Connect and on our social media. We can't wait!

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