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Connect use case: True collaboration with agency partners

Connect use case: True collaboration with agency partners
March 2024

Just around the corner: With awork Connect, we're all about making real collaboration happen with your agency partners. All activities come together in one place - super simple and efficient

Working smoothly with external agencies is the secret ingredient to your project success. But, we have to conquer those pesky little hurdles like misunderstandings, long waits, or even lost info. If the right tool is missing, our project teams can quickly descend into chaos and efficiency takes a hit.

Let's focus and ditch the chaos! Invite your external partners to your awork projects with awork Connect and make them a solid part of your project team. In the shared project, real collaboration comes alive: You work efficiently together in one place and can focus on the shared project goal. Say goodbye to information gaps and duplicate work, thanks to the shared database in awork. Use awork Connect to ace projects together!


Project teams work with an average of 10+ external partners


awork Connect: Experience true collaboration with your agency partners

Seamless collaboration in the shared project and super-fast information exchange saves time and boosts efficiency. Thanks to transparent communication, you can make informed decisions right in the project and guide your partnership to long-term success. Experience the most direct form of collaboration with awork Connect and bring all external project partners together in the perfect place!


These are the benefits

  • Real collaboration with your partners for smooth cooperation
  • Easy and quick communication at task- and project level
  • Top-notch security of project information thanks to straightforward rights management
  • Happy partnerships through collaboration in one place


Project work with several agency partners at Creative Corp. (Example)

As a digital agency, Creative Corp. gets how crucial good cooperation with their external agency partners is. So, they've decided to launch their new website project together with a trusted agency and directly with the help of awork Connect.

Once the team from Creative Corp. has set up the project in awork, it's shared with the partner agency team via awork Connect. They then have direct and instant access to the individual tasks of the project and always stay on top of things. For the external agency, working in the shared awork project is a breeze - just like for the internal team members: They can edit tasks, provide feedback, or leave comments.

Instead of countless meetings for coordination, all key information now lives in the awork project and tasks are tackled together. This way, everyone always knows what's going on and can address questions directly in the context of the project.

The outcome: A smooth-as-silk project process for all participants with direct handovers, clear agreements, and responsibilities. This not only makes work easier but also ensures an efficient path to project success.


When do we kick off?

awork Connect will be ready for you soon - all upcoming info about the release will be found on the product page for awork Connect and on our social media. We can't wait!

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