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Connect use case: Seamless transition into external projects

Connect use case: Seamless transition into external projects
March 2024

Just around the corner: With awork Connect, you'll be able to dive into external projects straight from your own workspace. Exciting, right?

As a freelancer or a part of an agency team, you're often juggling multiple external projects. Now, with awork Connect, you can navigate through these projects without ever leaving your workspace. Let your clients share their projects with you directly, and with a single click, you're all set for collaborative work and direct communication within the shared project. No more back-and-forth between tools and workspaces. This way, you're always in the loop with all ongoing projects and your key tasks, regardless of whether they're internal or external.


Freelancers frequently work on multiple external projects at once


Why awork Connect is the perfect match for freelancers and agency teams

And it's as simple as pie: Once shared with you, the client project with all options for collaboration and communication is at your fingertips. You're instantly roped into the workflow via awork and have access to a reliable and uniform project database. Managing multiple external projects is a breeze - organized simply and clearly from your own awork workspace.


These are the benefits

  • Effortless integration of external projects into your workspace
  • Simple and direct collaboration on client team projects
  • Easy-breezy communication at the client's project level
  • Clear and transparent collaboration for a comprehensive project overview
  • Building strong business relationships through direct collaboration


The Thrilling Tech Ltd. effortlessly keeps track of all external projects (Example)

Thrilling Tech Ltd., a dynamic web development team, churns out a variety of customer projects every month. Amidst the multitude of projects and distinct customer needs, they need to stay on top of each task and deadline.

Thanks to awork Connect, it's a piece of cake for Thrilling Tech to loop in individual employees directly into their clients' awork projects. With a quick invite, all necessary information and opportunities for direct interaction with the client team are readily available, without losing the bird's-eye view of the project tasks. Each team member of Thrilling Tech has an up-to-date dashboard featuring the key to-dos from all active client projects and always knows what's next on their plate.

The upshot: The seamless integration into external projects offers an optimal overview of all employees' tasks. Work on individual customer projects is done directly and efficiently. Each task is reflected in the workload of the Thrilling Tech team, making it easier and more reliable to plan new projects. And all this without stepping out of your workspace.


So, when's the big day?

awork Connect will be ready for you soon - stay tuned for all the release details on the product page for awork Connect and on our social media. We can't wait!

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