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awork 🀝 saasmetrix: SaaS management made easy

awork 🀝 saasmetrix: SaaS management made easy
November 2023

What would life be like without friends? Well, pretty much the same as awork without fantastic partners (kind of like the business equivalent of friendship): only half as awesome. That's why we want to introduce our partners to you in more detail.

Let's flip through our business friendship book together! On this page, we discover the entry for saasmetrix, written by their Co-Founder & COO Jerome Fath. πŸ“–


Who you are:

We are saasmetrix, a software startup based in the heart of Bielefeld, Germany. πŸ‘‹

Describe what you do in one sentence:

Saasmetrix provides a SaaS management platform that gives companies a clear overview of their licenses, users, and total costs for various SaaS software.

A challenge you tackle:

The SaaS market is booming, and every company now uses dozens of tools. However, managing SaaS is cumbersome. No one has the overview of who has access, how many licenses are available, where costs can be optimized, or where invoices are located. We solve these problems by allowing all SaaS licenses to be managed with a few clicks through saasmetrix. This makes license management efficient, transparent, and straightforward.

What sets you apart:

Our platform is made in Germany, exceptionally easy to use, and specifically designed for the management and optimization of SaaS licenses.Β πŸ’ͺ

What you do as an awork partner:

We've built an integration that seamlessly connects awork with saasmetrix. awork customers can manage licenses automatically through saasmetrix, saving valuable time. Templates and license groups facilitate onboarding and offboarding, minimize security risks, and prevent payments for unused licenses.


Our secret for a successful partnership:

The partnership with awork connects us with a large community seeking innovative solutions. Together, we create smooth license management.

By integrating our solutions with awork, we expand our product portfolio and provide additional value to our customers. This helps us stand out from our competitors and explore new business opportunities. We are pleased to be part of the awork partner program and look forward to more joint projects.

How your integration makes our customers happy:

[.b-testimonial]Our customers are just as excited about awork as they are about our awork integration! Now, with a few clicks, they can easily manage the licenses of their favorite project management tool through saasmetrix and grant or revoke licenses to users.[.b-testimonial]

Jerome Fath, Co-Founder & COO at saasmetrix


How your integration works:

Customers connect their SaaS tools, such as awork, with saasmetrix and receive optimal SaaS management. For more details just check our our website.

Direct contact:

🌍 www.saasmetrix.io

πŸ’Œ [email protected]

☎️ +49 52 18 98 80 946


Thank you very much, saasmetrix! πŸ’œ

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