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awork 🀝 hppyppl: The experts for modern teamwork

awork 🀝 hppyppl: The experts for modern teamwork
November 2023

What would life be like without friends? Well, pretty much the same as awork without fantastic partners (kind of like the business equivalent of friendship): only half as awesome. That's why we want to introduce our partners to you in more detail.

Let's flip through our business friendship book together! On this page, we discover the entry for hppyppl, written by Jelena Klingenberg, CEO of hppyppl. πŸ“–


Who you are:

We are hppyppl from Bingen am Rhein, Germany! πŸ‘‹

Describe yourselves in one sentence:

We're a full-service agency for innovative HR management – from HR services and consulting to cutting-edge technology solutions.

How we met:

We've been awork users from the get-go. awork is the operating system for the hppyppl team. We use it to streamline all our processes in our HR and org design specialty.

What sets you apart:

hppyppl's "virtual HR Partner" concept empowers even the smallest companies to revolutionize People & Culture management – more people-oriented and up-to-date than ever. ✨ 

A challenge you tackle:

We take on a challenge that almost every company faces nowadays: redefining HR management in the face of a rapidly changing work environment. We embrace an integrated and cooperative consulting approach, working closely with our "Co-Companies" (that's what we call our customers) without losing sight of efficiency.

What you do as an awork partner:

Well, we don't just use awork ourselves; we also bring our tool expertise into our work with our Co-Companies. We help them modernize and sustainably manage team workflows using awork.

Our secret to a successful partnership:

A shared vision: Making work a happier place. We firmly believe that everyone deserves a fulfilling job, and companies where people enjoy contributing are more successful. A tool like awork, designed for happy collaboration, naturally fits perfectly. 🀝

A common goal for the future:

Of course, we want to further expand our partnership with awork. We have many ideas for joint initiatives that we want to grow, like "Orgs&Friends" – a Think & Do Tank focusing on org design, org development, and happy, future-proof work.

Something the world should know about you:

We're currently working on exciting HR tech prototypes to expand our comprehensive HR offerings. πŸš€

You should contact you for:

  • Virtual HR Partner & HR Process Outsourcing
  • Org Design & Scalability of Organizations or Teams (with awork πŸ˜‰)
  • Team Purpose & Development

What your customers say about you:

"Together with hppyppl, we've succeeded in implementing a customer-centric, modern organization and involving all colleagues in this process," says Florian Langenbach, CEO of ITS-PLUS, for example.

Direct contact:

🌍 https://www.hppyppl.de/

πŸ“… www.hppyppl.de/meetjelena

πŸ’Œ [email protected]

☎️ 06721-707822


Thank you very much, hppyppl! πŸ’œ

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