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The most beautiful update in awork history: unicorn release

The most beautiful update in awork history: unicorn release
August 2021

One thing is certain for us: Team-Orga should not be complicated. Making functions even more understandable, optimizing user focus, and improving the quality of our tool are at the tippy-top of our priority list. 

awork should be fun for all present and future users. That's why we need to clean up, smooth out, and enhance ourselves every now and then. That's exactly what we have done in the last few months. On July 19, awork will therefore appear in new splendor. Simplified menus, more understandable templates, and quick creation of tasks and times are just some of the results of our update codenamed 'Unicorn.' But, the most important thing is that awork as a whole will be simpler, straightforward, and easier than 1, 2, 3.

 🥳 This update is an important milestone for us in awork history. Why is that? Our co-founder Tobias explains more about the background and future of digital team collaboration in this post.

In order to live up to our mission of bringing more joy into the working world, some functions have changed. Don't panic; you will find everything in your usual workflow again. To support you and so that you know precisely what's changed, we will guide you through the improved awork menu and all its updates in this post.

Wondering what's new? 

Intuitive project types & templates

We started with something that has the greatest relevance to you. With the Unicorn release, we've completely revamped the task packages and project types section. These updates allow you to make the best use of templates and integrate them into your daily work. There are also now templates for projects and tasks instead of task packages and project types. In this new, simplified view, you can create new templates or edit and delete existing ones.

Don't panic: We haven't completely done away with project types. The project type is now a simple categorization to help you better evaluate projects, much like the activity.

[.b-important-block] If you are using our API or a Zapier integration, you will need to do a manual customization. All info about API customization can be found here. [.b-important-block]

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All about the layout

Jede*r Projektmanager*in kennt diese Tage, an denen man sich gleichzeitig um Projekte, Aufgaben, Teamplanung und Zeitauswertungen kümmern muss. An solchen Tagen ist es wichtig, die wesentlichen Dinge schnell zu finden und genau im Blick zu haben. Aus diesem Grund haben wir das Menü in awork vereinfacht.

Statt vielen Detailfunktionen findest du im Hauptmenü sechs feste Kategorien – nämlich die Kernbereiche in awork. Darunter gibt es weiterhin eine Liste mit deinen Projekten. Diese kannst du über das Stern-Symbol als Favorit im Menü fixieren bzw. wieder entfernen. 

Dem kompletten Bereich Einstellungen haben wir ebenfalls ein neues Layout und eine optimierte Struktur mit besser verständlichen Namen verpasst. Einige Menüpunkte haben wir dazu eine Ebene tiefer gepackt – damit bleibt mehr Platz für die wichtigen To-Dos und deine Projekte. 

Cleaned up task view

Speaking of clarity: To help you have all your tasks at a glance, we have combined the old areas My Tasks and Task Views under Tasks. There you can organize tasks by different categories and build your own task filters.

[.b-important-block]Want to know what's left to do for that top customer's project? Simply filter your tasks by customer. Or are you a team leader and want to see the current status of your colleagues to keep an eye on the capacities of your team - then simply filter by user.[.b-important-block]

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In addition, more information about your tasks is now available at a quick glance - deadlines, task progress, and more can be seen in the new bubbles. When you hold your mouse over a task, you can edit it directly with the small Actions button.

New functions in the app menu

Let's jump from the main menu to the second central menu - the app header. Here, too, we have done our best to make awork even more effortless, more precise, and more understandable.

The first change concerns your own awork profile. From now on, you can jump to your settings anywhere in awork via your profile picture and edit your user directly from there. Also, we've combined the subpages within your settings, so you don't have to jump back and forth as much.

Another big enhancement is in notifications. We've split those into comments and notifications. So you have your normal notifications and your new and active conversations.

For the classic notifications, there's now no more status spam because we group the status changes. At the bottom left of the checkmarks in the notifications panel, you can also jump directly to the associated settings.

In addition, you can now respond to messages super fast by....

  • marking the message as read 
  • or by snoozing the notification, so they don't reappear for an hour or until the next day.
  • The unfollow button lets you put an end to a conversation.
  • And with one click on a notification, you remove it from your feed.

Right next to the notifications, you will find the search field. Of course, we couldn't leave the search behind, so we improved that too! Whether you're on a customer call or need to get something done quickly, the redesigned search will help you find your to-dos and important information in no time. 

We now show the top ten matches in the search box. You can also find your menu items (for example, tasks or projects) super fast in the search by filtering by project, task, user, or customer in your search on the right side.

Speaking of super fast - the Quick Actions have also been enhanced. In the app header, you will now see a Quick Actions menu. You can use it to search for something in your workspace, create a new task or add a new time - either with keyboard shortcuts or by clicking on the selection.

[.b-important-block]Try this new global shortcut: Command + J (Mac) or Control + J (PC) will take you directly to the popular Quick Actions and let you create a new task.[.b-important-block]

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Enjoy the new features!

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