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How we bill 🧐

We have tried to make our billing model as simple and understandable as possible. There are of course a few rules, all of which are detailed in our terms and conditions. Here you will find it described in clearly understandable language:

You will not incur any costs during the free test phase (the so-called trial) and no paid subscription will be started if you do not explicitly book it. You do not need to cancel your test phase, it will expire automatically.

If you book a paid version of awork, we will issue an invoice monthly, annually or every two years, depending on your choice. The invoice amount is based on the selected plan (e.g. Premium or Enterprise) and the number of users booked in your awork team.

The only decisive factor is how many users you have booked and not how many you have invited or were active during the period. So if you have booked 10 users and only invited 5, we will still invoice you for all 10 users.

We will invoice you for the usage fees for each billing period in advance.

As soon as you add active users to your awork team, we will charge you these users for the rest of the current billing period. So if you are in a monthly billing cycle and book a user after the first 14 days of the billing month, we will immediately send you an invoice for this user for the remaining 14 days of the billing month. In the next period, the user will then be part of your normal recurring fees.

If you remove active users from your team and withdraw their licenses, we will not invoice you for these users any more. However, we do not reimburse these users for the current unused billing period, you have to bear the remaining costs.

You can view your previous bills and current recurring fees at any time in the account settings directly in awork and make changes there yourself, such as additions and debits, changes to the billing period or the plan.

If you have any questions about your invoices or your contract, write us an email or chat with us.