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Jennifer Hiener

Jenni can type really fast - except when it comes to texts about herself. It feels like reciting magic spells backwards: pretty tricky.

As a copywriter and freelancer, she has worked in various teams and agencies and tried out all kinds of project management tools. This experience has also given her an insight into a wide variety of workflows. Now that she has finally found a PM tool in awork that is also fun for creative people, she wants to pass this joy on to others and spread the joyofwork mission like confetti.

Because working as a copywriter only works with a mega portion of project management, she loves getting stuck into the topic. She likes to surf freely through her working day, which is why New Work - and everything that goes with it - is exactly her thing.

Jenni also writes a lot in her free time - but in a different way than you might think. Not novels, poems or film scripts, but all the cards for birthdays or instructions for games she has invented herself.

Jennifer Hiener