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Campaign planning

Tired of spending hours thinking about how to plan your next campaign? Here's the solution to turn your vision directly into reality: Use our campaign planning template!


From idea to reality without chaos 💪

The campaign planning template takes you straight to the most important phases:
Starting with preparation, continuing with conception, over to creation, through to launch and, of course, optimization. Practically laid out in lists - or in the famous kanban view, all phases are already peppered with the most important tasks that arise during campaign planning.

The campaign planning template takes away the stress and chaos so that you can concentrate on what really matters: the success of your campaign.

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What preparation do I need to do for a successful campaign?

Before you start your campaign, a few preparations are necessary.

  • Set clear goals
  • analyze your target group in detail
  • check out the competition
  • don't forget to get your team in line

With our template, you have everything under control - from the goal to the team briefing party!

What do I need to consider when designing a campaign?

An ingenious campaign needs an ingenious concept. With our awork campaign template...

  • you can keep track of budget
  • plan your media and channels
  • have an overview of schedules and resources

Important: Formulate clear KPIs - because you can only measure success if you know where you want to go.

awork tasklist to prep campaign planning
With the tasklist you've everything you need to prep and distribute your campaign.

How do I create a campaign concept?

Ask yourself: What spurs your creativity? We suspect: fun! Creating a campaign concept should be fun. Let creative ideas bubble up, give them space. Align them with the marketing goals of your project and find out how you can best inspire your target group. With our template, the path to the perfect concept becomes a creative adventure.

How can a smooth marketing campaign production work?

The production of a marketing campaign must run smoothly. Our template gives you control over all tasks, whether analog or digital. Avoid chaos by distributing team tasks, respecting dependencies and keeping track of results.

How do I launch my campaign successfully?

Before you press the big launch button, you go through final feedback loops, talk to your team and get approval from the customer. Our template ensures clear communication and deadlines - for a (hopefully) stress-free launch!

awork timeline with dependencies between tasks
Use the timeline view in awork for a perfect dependencies planning.

Optimize your campaign - in a clear way?

Not all campaigns are the same - and that's a good thing! Our template enables clear optimization. Rely on clear KPI measurements, automatic reports and the identification of success factors. At the end, a retrospective can bring the most important learnings to light. This makes every campaign better than the last.

Save time, avoid stress - your campaign in awork

Why start from scratch every time when you can fall back on proven processes? With our template, every campaign planning becomes child's play - customizable and always up to date.This puts an end to the chaos of Excel files, Google Sheets and document ping-pong via email! awork offers you a central location where your team can find all the information about your campaign planning. No more access rights problems, no more outdated versions - just transparency and clarity.

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