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Sprint planning

Sprints in chaos? Bring order to your sprint project management! Clear focus, clear goals - don't waste any time on planning that runs aground! ๐Ÿš€


From idea to reality without chaos ๐Ÿ’ช

Tired of outdated and rigid project management methods? Then it's time for sprint planning! Unlike drawn-out plans, sprints offer short, flexible work phases that allow for quick adjustments. However, the challenge often lies in establishing a flexible sprint plan that provides clear focus and structure.

With awork, your sprint planning becomes super easy: Just use the template for each sprint planning session, create a separate project for each sprint, collect topics in your backlog list, and incorporate them into your sprint plan after the kickoff meeting. You have full flexibility to manage the tasks of your sprint planning in lists and on the board in parallel, maintaining full focus in any situation.

Sounds exciting? Then try our sprint planning template now!

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What is sprint planning?

Sprint planning is like your ultimate navigator, keeping you and your team in the fast lane and not missing any important turn.

In the world of scrum, sprint planning marks the starting shot for a new sprint. During the sprint meeting, the team breaks down their next project into manageable stages, called "sprints." Together they select the tasks for the upcoming sprint and plan the effort for each task. According to scrum, the Product Owner, the development team, and the Scrum Master are involved. The Product Owner sets the direction, the team estimates the effort, and the Scrum Master holds the strings together.

Each sprint spans two to four weeks and requires the full attention of all team members. The goal? To develop a clear roadmap that dictates the direction for the upcoming tasks in the next sprint and ensures that the team has an unified understanding of the tasks and goals.

Why sprint planning is a real gamechanger for you?

Sprint Planning gives you the power to break down your projects into manageable "sprints," set clear priorities, manage resources smartly, and react flexibly to changes. With this structured approach, your team and you increase productivity, improve the quality of work, and continuously deliver value.

In short, Sprint Planning provides a clear roadmap for your success in an agile environment.

The awork timeline for a easy sprint planning
A clear roadmap for your sprint with the awork timeline.


How your perfect sprint planning should be structured?

When it comes to setting up your perfect Sprint Planning, a clear structure and organization are crucial. Your typical Sprint Planning process might look like this:

  1. Kickoff: The Product Owner provides the sprint goal and prioritizes the relevant backlog ideas for the team.
  2. Selection: The team estimates the effort and selects the backlog ideas that can be achieved in this sprint. The Product Owner refines the tasks with the developers.
  3. Structure: The Product Owner and development team break down selected items into smaller work packages and record them in the sprint backlog, under the moderation of the Scrum Master.
  4. Visualization: A Scrum Board serves the whole team in transparent documentation and visualization of work progress.
  5. Implementation: The team navigates effectively through the sprint by moving tasks from "To Do" to "Doing" to "Done".

Sounds like a lot of work, right? Don't worry, with awork it all runs almost like magic, and our sprint planning template guides you step by step through the construction of your project lists. The best part? With awork, sprint planning is even fun!

Benefits of using software for your sprint planning?

Leverage the power of a project management tool for your sprint planning and save valuable time in planning and implementing your sprints. Experience a world full of advantages with awork:

  1. Increase your efficiency: Speed up the sprint planning process of your team with an automated tool and maximize your productivity.
  2. Full transparency: Always keep an overview of your sprint backlog and your tasks with a clear and intuitive interface.
  3. Flexibility at all times: Adjust your sprint super fast without wasting time.
  4. Lightning-fast communication: Share important information effortlessly with your team directly in your sprint project, strengthen collaboration and shorten communication paths.
  5. Always on track: Monitor the progress of tasks from your team and you and keep your projects always on course.
  6. Get better and better: Use the analysis of past sprints to optimize your future planning and become even more successful.
  7. More productive with integrations: Link your tool for your sprint project management with other systems and simplify data synchronization.
  8. Everything in one place: Access your sprint plan from anywhere and anytime and have all the info in one place in awork.

With awork by your side, your sprint planning will be easier than ever before! Master your scrum project management without hurdles and always keep an overview of your sprints.

The awork kanban board for sprint planning
Easy coordination of your sprint topics with the awork board view.


Tips for your sprint plan

To get the most out of your next sprint, we've put together three tips for you. When you and your team select the tasks for your upcoming sprint at the next sprint meeting, remember:

โœ… What: Choose elements that directly support the sprint goal and bring you closer to your overarching goals, such as your OKRs.๐ŸŽฏ Have goals always visually in front of your eyes in awork and align them with the sprint goals.

โœ… How: Consider with the team what strategies and steps are necessary to rock the selected tasks. Let your creativity run wild and find innovative ways to tackle the challenges.๐Ÿ“ Use the different task views and the live editor to brainstorm ideas in awork together.

โœ… Who: Make sure everyone knows who is responsible for which task. A clear task distribution prevents ambiguities and ensures the smooth running of your sprints.๐Ÿง‘๐Ÿผโ€๐Ÿ’ป Assign a responsible editor to each awork task and plan the effort for the whole team in the awork planner.

With these tips, you are well prepared to master the next sprint with full speed and success.

Common mistakes in sprint planning and how to avoid them

Ready for a sprint planning without stumbling blocks? Here are the top mistakes you should avoid:

โŒ Set clear goals: Without a goal, no direction! Define clear and achievable goals for each sprint.

โŒ Teamwork makes the dream work: Get the entire team on board in a sprint meeting and use their diversity of perspectives.

โŒ Maintain your backlog: The basis of your planning! A well-maintained and prioritized backlog is the key to a smooth process.

โŒ Stay flexible: Changes are part of it! Be flexible and adjust your planning as needed to respond to new challenges.

โŒ Learn from mistakes: Mistakes make you wise! Use the insights from retrospective reviews to continuously improve your planning.

Wondering how you can avoid these potential mistakes in your sprint planning and still keep track? It's simple - use the awork sprint planning template!

Become more efficient with your sprint planning with awork!

With our sprint planning template, you always stay on track. The flexibility to manage tasks in lists and on the board in parallel not only makes working in sprints pleasant but also as flexible as you need for your sprint. Save the time to search for an optimal structure for your sprint planning and use our template in awork directly.

Sounds too easy to be true? Try it now and see for yourself!

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