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Team meeting

Tired of meetings without a purpose and questionable agenda items? Organize meetings in the project management tool and turn results directly into new tasks.


From idea to reality without chaos 💪

Team meetings are a great and effective way to coordinate, set priorities and distribute upcoming tasks. The better the coordination, the easier and more communicative the collaboration will be.

The focus is important here: agree on the most important points that are relevant for everyone present. You create the tasks derived from this directly as a weekly task in the team project and assign deadlines and responsibilities.

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Get more out of your team meetings

Nobody likes boring meetings in which the same things are always discussed, hardly any relevant added value is offered and everyone is just waiting for the meeting to be over.

But team meetings also offer great advantages for smooth and happy collaboration:

  • Personal coordination (especially super important in remote teams)
  • Work overload of individual employees can be quickly uncovered
  • Problems are discussed together
  • Every team member is up to date on all topics
  • Routine appointments help to bring structure to planning and can always be used as milestones

awork timeline with capacity planning
Everything at a glance with the awork timeline and capacity planning.

Collaboration instead of doing it alone

It doesn't have to be the sole responsibility of the team lead to plan and conduct meetings. We have found that involving the whole team helps to really address all the important topics and, above all, increases the motivation of the participants to take an active part in the meeting.

Of course, the preparation of the team should not take a long time and should be easy to integrate into the daily work routine.

This is why we have developed the team meeting template.

The template is an awork project that is specifically designed for weekly coordination among you. Throughout the week, everyone can add items to the "Current topics list" as tasks that they would like to discuss.

On the day of your meeting, a list of common agenda items is then created and discussed within the team.

awork dependencies between tasks and projects
Crucial for every team: the dependencies between tasks and projects

The interactive team meeting template

An agenda item has been discussed, everyone knows about it, there's nothing else to do? Great - just tick off the task!

The pitch presentation needs to be proofread again? No problem, the task can easily be moved to the "To-do this week" project list and assigned to the relevant person.

You can collect topics that you need to keep on the team's radar but are not yet urgent in the topic parking lot. This way, you can make sure that you don't forget them and can take a quick look at each meeting to see if any of these tasks have become time-critical.

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Discover more insights

Of course, team meetings are only a small part of the big team management world. That's why you'll find more practical templates, helpful blog articles and exciting customer stories and use cases in our Team Planning Hub. And if you want to be even more specific, our Agency Hub and IT Hub offer tips, expert opinions and application examples for managing creative and technical teams.

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The bear-strong Panda update is here, bringing one of the most frequently requested features to life: a new task level, or more precisely, real subtasks.

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