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Tasks with Shortcuts, Multiple Selections & more : Dino Release!

Tasks with Shortcuts, Multiple Selections & more : Dino Release!
April 2021

Over the past few weeks, our team has been tinkering with features that will make your work with awork easier. We have dedicated ourselves mainly to power user features and implemented long-awaited improvements that make working with awork easier and even faster.

Quickly create tasks with shortcuts

If you’re in the middle of a customer call or an important meeting and need to quickly create new tasks for your team, the following tricks will help you create tasks in a breeze:

  • Press A on your keyboard to create a new task – this shortcut is available from anywhere in your workspace. .
  • When creating a task, you will find icons that appear on the right side of the task’s editing window. With these icons, you can assign a project, select a task list, set deadlines or specify an editor.
  • After creating your task, you can jump directly into the task by clicking on the confirmation.

Work even faster with / commands

Our task actions help you add all the details to a task at once without taking your fingers off the keyboard. Just type the desired action with a slash (/-commands) after the name of your task, and awork will add the specified details. For example, you can use the / command to assign agents or set custom deadlines. For example: If your deadline is April ninth, you simply type /9.4. or /9-4.

With the A key shortcut for tasks, you can create new tasks in a flash.

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Multiple selections: Edit multiple tasks at the same time

In project management, there are always many things that need to be edited and changed at once. That’s why this feature is a savior for frequent users. If you want to move the deadline or change the status for all tasks in a list, simply:

  • Click on the boxes on the left in the list view.
  • Edit multiple tasks at once.
  • Apply the desired action to all selected tasks in the bar at the bottom, all without long scrolling.
Select multiple tasks at once to edit them.

For example:

  • Add tasks to a list/project
  • Set deadline/status and priority
  • Delete tasks
  • Set task editor
  • and much more!

Improved descriptions and comments

Organize your task details with easy-to-read formatting. From hyphens to lists to headings to emojis… Just click the black plus icon in the details panel on the left and choose your favorite configuration. Alternatively, select all the words you want to edit, and the formatting layer will open. The same works in the comments, by the way, if you click in the comment field.

What shortcuts work in formatting?

  • Put a hyphen and a space to write a bullet.
  • The same works with numbers: write a 1 and then a space to create a numbered list.
  • You can use two hyphens in the task descriptions and comments to create a section separator.
  • If you select words and click on the black plus icon in the detail field, the formatting level opens, and you can title the words, mark them in bold or italics and choose between a list or numbering view.
  • Formatting commands can be undone by clicking on the black plus icon: If, for example, you have marked a word in italics, the italic icon in the bar turns blue. Click on the blue italic icon again, and the formatting disappears.

Improved file upload

Drag and drop your files to upload them either to your current comment or to the overall task. When you link videos from YouTube, Vimeo or Loom, awork automatically generates a handy video preview, so you don’t have to leave awork to watch.

Emoji reactions

With the new Quick Reactions feature, you can respond to messages from your team with emojis using the plus button to the left of the comment.

Note: you can also remove the emojis by clicking on the reaction again.

Automatically grouped comments

If a team member sends multiple comments within five minutes, the comments are then grouped, giving you a better overview.

With reactions to comments, communication in awork becomes even more personal.

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Creating recurring tasks just got easier

Whether you manage projects, develop software or work in marketing, there are recurring tasks everywhere. We’ve now made them even more user-friendly: Just enter the start date for the first recurrence, the frequency of the recurrence, and the scheduled due date of the task, then watch awork take care of the rest. From now on, in addition to the date, you can also specify the exact time at which the recurring task should be created.

For example: As a project manager, you have a kickoff meeting with your team every month, for which you have to prepare a presentation. In awork, you can now set a task to be created for you at eight o’clock on the first day of every month.

By the way, if you are working from home from time to time: Don’t miss our awesome blog article “Home Office Learnings“!

GitHub support for API users

And last but not least, good news for all developers who use our API to build their own integrations to awork. From now on, you can directly contact our awork development team for technical questions. You can post your questions on the awork project page on GitHub and get an answer from our developers as soon as possible.

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