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Koala release: 50+ improvements everywhere in awork

Koala release: 50+ improvements everywhere in awork
August 2022

Happy August! We are very excited to introduce you to our latest awork release (codenamed Koala 🐨).

Since a few weeks we are working on polishing awork and optimizing many small things. This includes bug-fixing, fixing styles, wordings and many other improvements. With all these improvements your daily work with awork will be smoother and more comfortable.

In this blog post, we'll introduce you to all the updates. So sit back, grab a cool drink and discover our new features!

All updates at a glance:

Prio flag of tasks

If tasks are especially important or urgent, you can mark them with a prio flag. The prio flag for tasks was a bit hidden here and there. We have changed that. Now the flag is red-highlighted and super visible in the list and board view, as well as in the task details and edit window.

In addition, you can now mark tasks as prio via the hover actions in the board or list view, which speeds up your workflow significantly.


The new prio flag makes important and urgent tasks in awork even more visible.


Notification emails

In awork you can get notified for many things via emails - for example, when you get assigned a new task. Super handy for those who check their mailbox often anyway.

However, our notification emails were missing relevant information here and there. We have added the missing information, such as the project name, the triggering person, the exact event time, a preview of comments, etc..

We also made the subject line more appealing and replaced all the images. Nicenstein!


We have added important information to the notification emails which makes it even easier for you to see all important info at a glance


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Improvement in the board view of tasks

Many teams love our board view. It provides a nice overview of which tasks are in which status. However, a few small things were missing here to make it usable for power users as well. That's why we've made a lot of small improvements:

  • You can now recognize prio tasks better. In the Kanban boards, a red flag shows you when your task has priority.Β 
  • Also, marking prio tasks is easier as we added a hover action for prioritizing to-dos.Β 
  • When you attach pictures in tasks, they will be displayed directly in the board after adding them - super-fix and easy!
  • Got more status columns than will fit on the screen? Then the window now scrolls automatically when you drag a card to the left or right edge of the Kanban board.
  • What's not to miss: Longer task names in multiple rows are now displayed more clearly without the cards getting super long.


With many small improvements of tasks in the kanban board, we made collaboration in awork even easier.


Optimizations in subtasks

We've also made two super handy improvements to the subtasks within a task:Β 

1. you can now copy a list of topics, e.g. from your notes, into the subtasks input field and awork will automatically create a subtask for each entry or line. These texts can be lists, but also notes separated by a line break. This way you can easily transfer your notes - for example from customer meetings or team meetings - as subtasks for an awork task.

2. inserted links in subtasks are now clickable, so that a new browser window with the URL opens immediately. Additionally, they are displayed shortened, so in the same form as inserted links in description fields.


Rock your work with awork subtasks – now including a smooth transfer of notes to subtasks and clickable links.


Maaaany small improvements

We've also improved a few little things in awork that will make your work with awork even more intuitive and enjoyable:Β 

  • Show sender in tasks from emails: If tasks are created from emails, awork now writes the sender in the first line of the description. This way it is also clear who the email comes from if it was sent by a non-awork user.Β 
  • Private tasks in the search: Your private tasks now also appear in the search.
  • Tooltip for small time entries in "My times": For small time entries in the day view under "My times", a tooltip is now displayed showing all info about the time entry.
  • Improved display of the person responsible for the project: The person responsible for a project is now marked by a small icon in the project details, so you can see even faster who owns the project.
  • Wider popups for selecting projects and tasks: The dropdowns for selecting projects, tasks, and clients are now displayed wider, so you can see more of the name and find the appropriate entry faster.
  • New layout of user details: We have re-layouted the details of a user so that they now look clearer.
  • Lots of mini improvements, styling fixes and improved wording: we've tweaked small design bugs, incomprehensible text and minor barriers all over awork to make the whole experience more intuitive and enjoyable.


From a better layout to wider popups – small improvements bring lots of joy to awork and its ease of use.


We hope you and your team enjoy trying out all the new features!Β 

Your awork team πŸ’œ


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